• Stash: 12.09.2017

    Let’s F#ck it Up

    Deli Collective and Greenpeace Magazine use dark musical comedy to motivate their fellow Germans to vote for environmental change during the country’s federal election on September 24, 2017.
    Michael Reissinger at Deli in Hamburg: “Together with the agency guys at Blood Actvertising, our Deli creative collective developed a song out of the environmental issues around the world and…

  • TSF : 07.07.2017

    “Bem-vindo ao inferno” ou “make love great again”

    São duas das mensagens que vão receber Donald Trump…

  • presseportal: 28.06.2017

    fritz-kola startet Kampagne “mensch, wach auf!”

    Hamburg (ots) – Das Hamburger…

  • steemit: 04.07.2017

    German company fritz-kola starts campain related to G20 meetings

    The German beverage producer fritz-kola just started a really amazing campaign…

  • FAZ: 29.06.2017

    Fritz Kola macht Stimmung gegen G20-Gipfel

  • DER SPIEGEL: 01.07.2017

    Strafe gegen Strafe

  • Kontakter: 03.07.2017